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In early spring the fields in my area colour yellow due to dandelions blooming everywhere. That is to say, only those fields that are farmed organically. This painting is an hommage to the usually modest dandelion, with her radiant yellow crown in full bloom, adorned with 24 carat gold leaf. The unpredictable weather in early spring is depicted through the storm-like plant pigment indigo.


I make my own paint, in this case egg tempera, also called tempera. Tempera is made from egg yolk and pigments and is extremely durable. It has a soft satin shine which I love. I use natural chalk and animal glue to make my own gesso. Gesso is the underlayer which I apply to the panel before painting it. The process of tempera painting on gesso on a wooden panel dates back to before medieval times. It allows for light to be reflected from the white gesso, wich makes a painting seem to light up from within. 

Dandelion Icon

€ 400,00Price
  • H 36.2 cm x W 36.7 cm D 2.0 cm

    Original artwork hand painted in egg tempera and embellished with genuine 24 carat gold leaf on gessoed wood board. Egg tempera is a very strong paint that wil stand the test of time, as medieval icons prove.

    This art work needs no care other than dusting with a soft lint-free cloth every once in a while. Do not touch the gold leaf, as grease on your skin may cause stains that will be hard to remove. Indigo is a natural plant-based pigment with beatiful coarse granules. It is not 100% light fast so I advice to hang this work in a place where no direct sunlight hits it. This image is ready to hang as its borders are painted as well (unframed). Signed on the back. Be aware that colors may differ slightly in reality as all monitors differ.

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