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This painting is inspired by a statement by my father. Finches live in (sometimes large) groups and let each other know where they are by calling out briefly with a loud twink-twink. It let me feel that even though we each do our own thing, we are still connected by the brief signals we send out to oour loved ones.


I make my own paint, in this case egg tempera, also called tempera. Tempera is made from egg yolk and pigments and is extremely durable. It has a soft satin shine which I love. I use natural chalk and animal glue to make my own gesso. Gesso is the underlayer which I apply to the panel before painting it. The process of tempera painting on gesso on a wooden panel dates back to before medieval times. It allows for light to be reflected from the white gesso, wich makes a painting seem to light up from within. 

The Finches are Calling to Each Other in the Garden

€ 310,00Price
  • H 16.5 cm x W 23.3 cm D 3.4 cm (including Maple Float Frame)

    Original artwork hand painted with tempera on gessoed wood board Tempera is a very strong paint that wil stand the test of time, as medieval icons prove. This art work needs no care other than dusting with a soft lint-free cloth every once in a while. Signed on the back, professionally framend in a maple float frame. Ready to hang and light up your space. Be aware that colors may differ slightly in reality as all monitors differ.

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